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We always get the question, “How did you guys decide you wanted to open a shave ice shack?”

Because let’s face it, not everyone wakes up one day and says, “I want to buy a shave ice shack and have it take up my weekends during the summer!”

That’s not exactly how it happens you see,…….I would say that whether you invest time in something big or small, like a business, you should do something you LOVE! And that’s exactly what we did…….

Yes, operating Tiki’s can take up weekends in the summer,  (May through September), the difference is, WE LOVE DOING IT.

We love doing it so much, we will be opening in Hyde Park 7 days a week beginning May 1st, 2015!!! So exciting!

It was a Sunday afternoon, and the weather had to be warm enough to crave a shave ice, just like we all used to when we were younger……
Having remembered that there were many of these “shacks” around town, Jesse and I set off in pursuit of one we had passed many times before, only to find it ………..CLOSED.

This was not only the case for this particular location, but every location within 30 minutes of our home……If you knew how much we LOVE shave ice, you would know that we were very sad and disappointed!

With that being said, the seed was planted, or as we say, the ice was frozen…………. I could not let go of the idea!  (hence, bug Jesse)

Jesse thought I had a little too much time on my hands to be dreaming up business ideas seeing as we both already had careers, but what he did not realize, was that with my business sense, and his incredible all around talent, we would turn our idea into an exciting business venture we could enjoy together and also have fun doing!

We enjoy meeting new people at events and the experiences we take away are always memorable!

Every year we look forward to donating back to Idaho’s communities as Tiki’s continues to bring smiles to families!  We Think Idaho First and Buy Local!

Visit us at one of the local Treasure Valley events!


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